Sunn O)))

Friday, November 2

Sure, it would’ve been cool if Sunn O))) played on Halloween night instead of tonight. But it also would have been really obvious. Together, Greg Anderson and Stephen O’Malley make some of the darkest, most terrifying music around. Their masterpiece album, Black One, was exactly that: a black one. Through bleeding feedback drones, corpse wails by vocalists Malefic and Wrest, and lyrics like “the fate of the Earth/ Will be to know black silence,” Sunn O))) crafted a bleak mood piece on par with Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Imagine the sun burning out, or being buried alive, and you’ll get an idea of Sunn O))). Though they sound wicked as hell, Anderson and O’Malley are actually really nice, easy-going dudes. Matter of fact, they’ve been in West Seattle for the past couple of weeks, making a new record with local producer Randall Dunn. Now that’s dark, man! Jesu and Eluvium open.

Fri., Nov. 2, 8 p.m., 2007

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