Heart and Soul

Eleven artists on a familiar vessel

Every day, thousands of downtown worker bees (myself included) scoot past one unassuming gallery, perhaps not realizing it houses more than the “rental” and “sales” that are part of its name. Seattle Art Museum’s outpost in the bottom of the beautiful Seattle Tower features one show and hosts work from one out-of-town gallery (right now, it’s San Francisco’s Toomey Tourell) each month. “Body

Image,” opening tonight, is self-explanatory: Using the human form, some of our best local artists, like Elizabeth Jameson, Claire Johnson, and Juan Carlos Castellanos, make statements about society and identity. Some of Steven Miller’s “Bound” work is reprised from his recent show at Davidson Contemporary, too. If you missed those emotionally involving photographs, get your lunch on the run and stop in for a look. You might use up the rest of your hour. Show continues through Dec. 8.

Thu., Nov. 8, 5 p.m., 2007

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