People Talking and Singing

Local lit center has star-studded help

Sasha Frere Jones’ recent essay in the New Yorker on “How Indie Rock Lost its Soul” caused a bit of a stir with its claims about the influence (or lack thereof) of race on the current incarnation of the genre. Agree or disagree, the man had something to say, and tonight his soapbox goes live as he takes the stage at Town Hall for the third annual “People Talking and Singing.” Jones joins a few other folks who also have a whole lot to say (and sing): comedians Todd Barry and Eugene Mirman, the Long Winters’ John Roderick, songbird Rosie Thomas, Geologic of Blue Scholars, and author Dave Eggers. The whole speaking-and-singing shebang is a benefit for the Eggers-founded 826 Seattle, one of six nonprofit writing centers across the country that offers tutoring, workshops, fieldtrips, and publishing projects to kids at no charge, all set up behind a “Space Travel Supply” storefront in Greenwood that helps make ends meet. Space travel supplies don’t quite move like Crocs do, though (imagine!), so events like this one help 826 stay in business as they continue to keep the world interesting, one next-generation Hemingway, Frost, and Jones at a time.

Thu., Nov. 8, 6:30 p.m., 2007

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