Salon of Shame

Air your long-ago teen traumas

“July 1995. Monday. I watched TV, made quesadillas, and did homework all day. I still don’t believe in love. On the 21st, MTV calls the winners of the Reading Festival contest. I entered twice. I cried watching General Hospital today. I live in a ghost town RAT HOLE and I hate it here.” I’ve got some work to do before participating in the bimonthly reading series Salon of Shame (just what it sounds like), but I’m sure I can dig up something way worse than that. We’ve recommended this always-sold-out event before, and when it appeared at Bumbershoot this year, organizer Ariel Meadow Stallings told our Brian Miller: “The funniest readings are the ones that are over the top in their angst or passion or anger or self-loathing. The lack of perspective is part of the joy of the readings.”

Tue., Nov. 13, 6:45 p.m., 2007

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