Sondre Lerche

One of music’s most charming crooners

I first saw Norwegian songwriter Sondre Lerche (pronounced “Lair-kay”) on a lark at a solo show in Arlington, Virginia, walking through diners munching on crab-and-brie quesadillas toward a small stage area, where he began to belt out “Track You Down” (from 2004’s Two Way Monologue) accompanied only by a Les Paul. Throughout the night, despite having a cold and not being able to hit the high notes, he smiled, joked with the crowd, and crooned an old Bing Crosby standard. His awkward charm completely won over both the audience and the diners. At his Crocodile show this past March, Lerche’s full band added elements to the songs that weren’t possible in a solo show, but the atmosphere was different: still good, but less intimate. As he embarks on another countrywide tour (in support of the soundtrack for the film Dan in Real Life), I’m hoping to recapture some of the innocuousness and charm Lerche has to offer. With Dan Wilson.

Thu., Nov. 8, 8 p.m., 2007

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