The Turn-Ons

Friday, November 9

Some music scribes fancy themselves journalists, disclosing information with analytical impartiality. I, friends, am a writer. I just write about stuff I like or don’t like. Or, in the case of the Turn-Ons, stuff I love. I LOVE THE TURN-ONS!!!! If you haven’t seen them or it’s been awhile, do your ears a favor. This band’s journey from T-Rexian glamsters to Wired-up, pedal-heavy gazers in a few years is Radiohead-like in its sensible musical progression. Avoiding the pratfall that kills so many other bands, the Turn-Ons successfully stretch themselves as artists, achieving continuous reinvention while still sounding perfectly like themselves. Plus, they all have fabulous personal hygiene and are great kissers. Go! (Disclaimer: Yes, I was once this band’s publicist. Before you cry foul, think: Do you still love whoever your boss was five years ago?) Sky Parade, Gram Rabbit, and This Blinding Light open.

Fri., Nov. 9, 9 p.m., 2007

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