Finally, We Get the Market Back

A selection from Voracious, our food blog.

This corridor? It usually takes me 20 minutes to walk from one end to the other, and that's while I'm dodging through the crowd at top speed, evoking suspicious glances and furtive bag-clutching from Midwesterners who think that I'm about to snatch their credit cards or their six-month-old.

Even though the Weekly offices are three blocks away from the Market, I haven't eaten lunch there for months now because I can't afford to spend my lunch break stuck in the crowd. But I've been back twice this week, and have many plans to hit all my favorites while I can: Uli's Sausage, the Pan-African Market, DeLaurenti, Turkish Delight, meats and vegetables for dinner—the merchants may not be so thrilled by the slowdown, but oh does this make me happy.

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