Seattle Streets: A Bakery Worked Who Can't Live Without Her Wheels

Pictures and conversations with people around town.

Name: Chelsea

Seen At: First Avenue and Spring Street

Age: 23

Where do you live? Vashon Island.

What do you do for a living? I work at a bakery, Macrina.

Who is your favorite band or performer? I like Jens Lekman.

Where do you shop for clothing? Red Light. I can't go there too often or I'll end up spending a lot of money.

What would you call your personal style? Collage. I don't know, assembled? Whatever's clean.

What material object can you not live without? My bike.

I just asked someone that question the other day and that's what they said. I know! I love it. I don't have to put gas into it or anything. Riding around Vashon Island is good because it's small, but when I'm in Seattle, I bus it. There's so much going on. Seeing those bike messengers makes me nervous. They've got some balls.

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