Our local art heroes on the little screen

Lots of folks do away with their cable service in favor of higher-quality time with the fam, but it looks like those who go the satellite route can have it both ways: ARTLAND, a 12-part series on Gallery HD, appears to be an enjoyably educational survey of various American and Canadian art scenes. TonightÂ’s episode covers Northern Cali to Vancouver, with the bulk concentrated on Seattle. Skipping boring local legend-stuff like Dale Chihuly, and (surprisingly) the expansion of SAM, the show catches up with Frye Art Museum curator Robin Held, Hate cartoonist Peter Bagge, and punk photog Charles Peterson. And of course, it takes you around the Koolhaas-designed Central library. Check out the design and talent you might be taking for granted, as some of our local stars get a national spotlight. The DISH Network, Channel 9472.

Thu., Nov. 15, 8 p.m., 2007

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