Wednesday, November 14

Ditherer is a somewhat bad-omen title for an album: do you want people to buy the thing, or don’t you? But it’s worth owning, and it’ll likely be purchased by an entirely different audience from the one that bought the band’s excellent 2003 Ninja Tune release, Ether Teeth. The latter was more aesthetically in step with the folktronica of Four Tet and lo-fi hip-hop of Anticon. artists that buzzed that year. Ditherer’s experimentations are assisted by contributions from the Microphone’s Phil Elverum, fellow Minnesotans Low, and Dosh, but sound more than ever like Wilco, if they actually had any imagination. Bad Dream Good Breakfast and Blue Light Curtain open.

Wed., Nov. 14, 9 p.m., 2007

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