Kathy Griffin

America’s (current) biggest loudmouth

Sometimes it seems that the only person in my life who isn’t gay (as far as I know) is my boyfriend. My roommates, my best friend, my high school prom date—all gay. Part of the reason I adore Kathy Griffin is that she’s got such a huge gay following that it makes me feel like less of a fag hag. But the bigger reason is the woman is just so goddamn funny. The self-proclaimed “D-list” celebrity and stand-up comedienne has a knack for being politically incorrect, and it’s gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion (“Suck it, Jesus” as Emmy-acceptance speech?). Griffin also lost her hosting gig on E!’s red-carpet award show coverage for falsely announcing that child actress Dakota Fanning had years ago entered rehab. But those “mistakes” haven’t deterred her from trash-talking our other divine beings, like Oprah. In a celebrity-obsessed culture that puts stars on a pedestal, Griffin’s ability to knock them right off is not only refreshing, but an absolute riot.

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