An Evening With Faggedy Randy

Don't bother washing up.

You come for an innocent night of dinner theater; you leave with a freaky mummer named "Faggedy Randy" having had his way with you. So it goes at the Can Can's "Kabaret Verboten," a Kurt Weill–inspired pageant that illuminates the darker side of cabaret. An aerialist eschews the standard ropes and hanging silks for hard-core chains. A modern-dance number becomes an ode to domestic violence, with a man picking a woman off the ground by her neck and slamming her into a wall. "While she's sliding down the wall, she has this sexy, I've-just-been-fucked sort of look on her face," says Can Can owner and show MC Chris Snell. Such twisted entertainment calls for getting twisted: The bar obliges with roughly 120 whiskeys, cabinets of wine, and Bourbon Street–style drinks such as the Corpse Reviver No. 2 (gin, Lillet, pastis) and the Ringmaster (a murky rye-whiskey concoction harboring unidentifiable fruit blobs). Holding up the food side of things is simple West Coast fare like veggie lasagna, wild-mushroom rigatoni, and flatbread topped with Gorgonzola, grapes, and candied walnuts. Of course, it can get kind of difficult to eat when Faggedy Randy takes the stage. Dressed in a shabby fur coat and pushing a crap-laden walker, the mulleted performer takes your worst street-person encounter and multiplies it by a hundred. He chews on plastic Easter eggs, throws things into the audience, and strips down to a feathery G-string to hump anything that moves. You'll never be clean again. 94 Pike St., 652-0832,

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