Wednesday, November 21

Like Prefuse 73, Southern California “hypno-hop” producer Daedelus must have a Rolodex sitting in his studio stuffed with the telephone numbers of every eccentric rapper working today. MF Doom? Ch-check. French rappers TTC? Oui. Subtitle and Busdriver? Yes, yes, y’all. Hearing his music, though, you begin to understand why all those left-field rappers decided to throw verses over his thoughtful, strange, mixed bag o’ beats. The classical strings, disjointed percussion, synths, Latin vibes, eerie vocal echoes, horns, and scattered electronica bounce wraps and warps around the brain, and seeps into the bloodstream when dreamworld melancholy is anchored. His most recent record, Denies the Day’s Demise, dropped in 2006, but he’s always been a consistent producer, never letting his guard down and always exploring new things—a reason to be excited and see what tricks he has in store for the New Year. With Daedelus and Antimc.

Wed., Nov. 21, 8 p.m., 2007

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