Darren Motamedy

Soulful sustenance in mini-Scandinavia

Is there a better way to top off a Thanksgiving weekend than with Swedish meatballs and smooth jazz? No, my fellow chill-izens, there is not. So get your rump roller down to IKEA after work and check out my man Darren Motamedy, who’ll be serving up fresh cuts from his new full-length, Don’t Cha’ Know!, with a live guitarist and percussion, inside IKEA’s tasty (and quite reasonably priced) restaurant. I’ll be honest: Leftover turkey and pumpkin pie rarely survive four days in the Nickels household. So a Tuesday visit to IKEA—where the 15-piece Swedish meatball dinner is just $4.99 (no discount for ordering two; I already asked)—hits the spot like a Vulcan lobbyist with a campaign check. Baby, this meal’s going to be sweet and savory.

Tue., Nov. 27, 5-8 p.m., 2007

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