Eclectic Approach

Friday, November 23

Back in college, my friend Nate enlisted Eclectic Approach to play at a house party. His bitter recap of the event was that police broke things up a few songs into the night and he was facing up to $600 in noise ordinance fines. Still, he conceded, it was worth it, and I agreed with him, not out of sympathy but because the band kicks ass live. The group’s music is a hybrid of all genres, with influences ranging from the Wu-Tang Clan to Sublime; and having witnessed more than one of the Eclectic’s police-thwarted attempts to play during my time at WSU, I’m stoked the guys are at an above-board venue tonight. They might actually get through an entire set. With the Staxx Brothers, DJ Tanner, Decurrian, E-Drid, and Thugsicc.

Fri., Nov. 23, 9 p.m., 2007

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