A Ride Through the Orion Nebula

Cool stuff in the night skies

Get stoned, you could be convinced that the laser light shows at Seattle Center are on par with the most beautiful celestial phenomena…but then you’d hear Queen or Nirvana or whatever playing in the background, and that’d be that. A charming ferry-ride away from you, though, is Bainbridge Island’s Ritchie Observatory and the Battle Point Astronomical Association’s bitchin’ planetarium. The non-profit BPAA helps amateur astronomy enthusiasts glimpse into the unknown with regular programs and star parties. Tonight’s is “A Ride Through the Orion Nebula,” a 3-D planetarium show through the birth and life-cycle of those stars. If the sky is clear enough to see the hunter, probably the most recognizable winter constellation, telescopes (including the big one) will be on hand for everyone to gaze through, and gasp at.

Sat., Dec. 1, 5 p.m., 2007

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