Dance Music for Depressed People

Thursday, November 29

“Janitor man, janitor man, limp right arm and a limp right hand, carry that mighty garbage can, my janitor man.” The name of this new local band is deceiving, as a gentle pogo/sway is the only dance move they inspire, but it’s music for nostalgia whether you’re depressed or not. To be clear: there’s a tape I can’t bear to throw away called “Kitchen Rock.” It’s my best friend and I at 15, banging pots and pans, playing the four guitar chords we know, and singing songs about gas station attendants. If we’d been any good at all, or at least cuter and willing to put it out in the world, we would be Dance Music for Depressed People. With Katharine Hepburn’s Voice and Your House or Mine.

Listen to a sample of Dance Music for Depressed People's "Janitor Man."

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Thu., Nov. 29, 9 p.m., 2007

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