Shim, Transfer, Nite Owls, DJ Random Hero

Take metro; hear operatic rock

In true rock and roll fashion, watching (temporarily) obscure San Diego-based band Transfer play live is an almost operatic experience. The dynamic four-some appear to be born performers, taking you through a gamut of emotions from their places on the stage. From Michael Cooper’s relentlessly driving drum beats and fiercely-controlled builds to Matt Molariusto’s swelling vocals (he’s a kind of Thom Yorke meets Nick Drake), each of Transfer’s songs takes you on a journey that’s replete with small lyrical tragedies and perfect climaxes and crescendos. Poetic guitar chords and melodic progressions bear hints of old-time, sincere classic rock, while the band threads an energized, fresh ambient sound through it. Transfer’s onto something here and are definitely worth the trek to this (continually) forgotten Fremont venue.

Fri., Nov. 30, 9 p.m., 2007

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