The Most Serene Republic

Friday, November 30

TMSR were the first band on the Arts & Crafts label—and quite possibly the first band in Canada—not related to Broken Social Scene, but the comparisons don't end there. Expect a battery (six, last count) of co-eds onstage hawking dorky, free-wheeling antics—we're talking about six Canadian art school drop-outs. Think They Might Be Giants mispronouncing 'about.' Their second release, Population, plays testament to their willingness to experiment with instrumentation, but they're still kids—messy, arty kids—in the studio, compared to the other Canadian big bands up North. Though Population tries to do much more, TSMR is at their best while doing straightforward, “We're From Barcelona”-esque pop without the hijinks. In other words: just rock out. With the Kindness Kind.

Listen to a sample of The Most Serene Republic's "Present Of Future End."

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Fri., Nov. 30, 5 p.m., 2007

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