Cirque De Noc: Fetish Masquerade Ball

An annual sex-positive soiree

Even fetishists have to draw a line somewhere. Cirque De Noc event coordinator Tonya Winter recently responded to an inquiry from a man wanting to know if his wife could attend this year’s Fetish Masquerade Ball in a bustier sans bra cups and panties. The answer? No. But the erotic event’s attendees would likely find a woman who showed up baring her crotch less offensive than one covering it up in a bland pair of jeans. Creative sexual expression is encouraged and fetishists are expected to come out dressed to the (cat o’) nine (tail)s—leather, corsets, and whips, oh my! The evening also serves as a fundraiser for the Center for Sex Positive Culture, which sponsors safe educational/experimental events for the more sexually adventurous among us. Come get your freak on and help others get theirs.

Sat., Dec. 8, 8 p.m.-2 a.m., 2007

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