Clash vs. Ramones

Wednesday, December 5

Marianne Faithful once suggested that "Aretha Franklin is the voice of God." But for a certain section of the Seattle music community, God's voice is that of a gangly, OCD-ridden glue-sniffer from Queens. It would also be safe to say that a section of said community worships at the altar of four Brits who wanted a White Riot for Janie Jones while burning down/calling London. That's why I'm a bit astounded by the sheer moxie of the bands taking on these legends tonight: Moonspinners, Harborrats, the Dating Pool, Pigeon, and Purty Mouth. Not that these songs are technically difficult; they quite famously aren't. But if one of these classics is horribly fudged or this crowd turns on you, you may at best be gobbed on and at worst, chased down Pike Street, eventually surrendering to the kind of beatdown usually reserved for tubby middle-schoolers. You brave, brave kids, may the force be with you.

Wed., Dec. 5, 9 p.m., 2007

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