Geist & Samuel Joseph

Monday, December 10

I love you, Geist & Samuel Joseph. Your keen Americana simplicity and sound-effect style of percussion make you an innovative force to be reckoned with, but quite frankly, you creep me out. And I don't mean in some dopey King Diamond or spooky-ookey goth way. "Bella Lugosi's Dead" never gave me the shivering-cold feeling of vulnerability and utter heebie-jeebiness experienced immediately upon waking up from a nightmare. I'm talking about the stomach-knotting uneasiness of the fourth or fifth time Tom Waits asks "What's he building down there?" Or when the Violent Femmes took their lovely daughters and pushed them in the well. You may bill yourselves as experimental/folk/other, but it's more like you're playing compositions from the Anthology of American Folk if they had been rewritten and produced by a collaboration between David Cronenberg and David Lynch. With Yea Sayers, Windy City Gentleman, and Radioshark.

Mon., Dec. 10, 9 p.m., 2007

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