Jersey Boys

The passion-inducing story of four pop idols

Christopher Kale Jones, who plays Frankie Valli in the upcoming touring version of the 2006 Tony-sweeping musical Jersey Boys at the 5th Avenue, confesses that it’s odd to be a musical heartthrob mostly for people who are older than him, and in some cases a lot older. One of his favorite notes was from an audience member telling him that his performance had inspired her husband to their hottest make-out session ever. “I’m 78 and my husband is 83, and he just gave me the biggest hickey of my life. I had to wear a turtleneck the next day.” Knocked by some critics for its sentimental script (what, you want the story of the Four Seasons to be gritty?), the musical, including such Four Seasons hits as “Rag Doll,” “Oh, What a Night,” and “Walk Like a Man,” has been described as Dreamgirls meets Goodfellas. Jones, who joined Jersey Boys for its national tour (his career includes New York gigs but also new musicals at La Jolla and Steppenwolf), is quick to point out the musical is more hard-hitting than some audiences might expect—like any good “Behind the Music” narrative, Valli’s story has some real low points. Jones says Valli invited him for an extended visit during a recent trip to LA, where Jones found himself not just in awe of a singing legend, but of Valli’s dedication to his craft. “He’s a real artist, and just loves to talk about music, about the philosophy of singing, and his own jazz influences.” In fact, Valli began his career back in Jersey mimicking female jazz singers, developing that trademark falsetto in the process. Gritty or no, it’s hard to hear this music without wanting to initiate your own impromptu make-out session, regardless of your age.

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