Moore Theatre Centennial Party

Vaudeville ain’t dead!

Have you ever gotten all hot and bothered over those irritating rules you have to follow at the theater? You know, like don’t get up and dance on the stage, don’t roam through the audience, and don’t eat big messy pieces of cake in your seat? No, neither have we. But even so, breaking them might be kind of fun. Tonight you’ll have your chance to do all that, as Seattle’s oldest entertainment venue breaks the fourth wall in honor of its 100th birthday. Drinks and a Moore-shaped cake are free, as is a show by more than 25 “vaudeville-inspired” performers as a throwback to the Moore’s days as part of the Orpheum Vaudeville Circuit—including a Spanish opera singer, a Russian juggler, a “celebrity balloon artist,” and Tamara the Trapeze Lady and Quinn of Columbia City Cabaret. Don’t miss the guided tours of the historic building or the free Lindy Hop and swing dance tutorials, either.

Mon., Dec. 10, 5-8 p.m., 2007

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