Palmer, AK

Thursday, December 6

"I am in a wheelchair. Somehow, it hasn't affected my ability to play an acoustic guitar and whine about girls," Palmer, AK mastermind Eric Howk writes on the MySpace page for his solo project, an endeavor that was born a couple of years ago out of a visit back to his hometown yes, Palmer, AK). Aside from being his band's namesake, it's also the place he returned to this summer to recover from an accident that left him partially paralyzed, hence the wheelchair (an addition he's now so accustomed to that he's able to execute immaculate wheelies and 360s). As for the type of tunes the Lashes guitarist churns out (though somewhat sporadically) on his own? "Folks can expect well-written, honest sing-along pop songs, I hope!" he says of the new material. Classic fundamental pop influences like the Beatles are clearly tapped, while deconstructed, lo-fi vocals give it a far away, lonesome quality, much like the last frontier itself. This is a rare chance for him do his thing live, so don't miss it. A Blush Photo show with Dolour and the Ghost of Kyle Bradford.

Thu., Dec. 6, 9 p.m., 2007

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