Prefuse 73, School of the Seven Bells, Blank Blue


In the world of electronic producers, there are some people with more aliases than a cat lady has cats, and Prefuse 73, the best-known moniker of Atlanta-based producer G. Scott Herren, is no exception. Taking on various alter egos and stage names has given Herren the ability to explore Latin, ambient, and jazz styles alongside Prefuse 73’s signature blend of glitchy, staggered, crunchy electronic hip hop that percolates, drips, and flows through layered, kinetic audio channels. On his new disc, Preparations, the hip hop underdogs Prefuse has spotlighted in recent years take a back seat in favor of more rock-based collaborations, like Battles drummer John Stanier kicking down the groove to “Smoking Red,” or like tonight’s opening act, School of Seven Bells, whose eerie twin female vocals in “Iamundernodisguise” are given the Prefuse treatment on “Class of 73 Bells.” Don’t be shocked if the studio collaboration extends itself to the stage—Prefuse always pulls surprises out of his hat. Also with Blank Blue.

Thu., Dec. 6, 2007

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