The Parker Brothaz

Monday, December 10

Those who've frequented rap shows in Seattle have probably run into the Kovacic twins, whether they realize it or not, and the "Wake Up & Smell the Hip-Hop" shirts they and their crew sport while passing out flyers, selling local artists' CDs, or just networking with everybody. Younger twin Ryan AKA "On a Mission," consistently on his grind for the past few years, is adding concert promoter to his lengthy list of job titles. In addition to working with Sportn' Life Records the past year, he's now throwing one of his first shows, with Federal Way rappers and X104 darlings the Parker Brothaz headlining with fellow lifer SK, the Kingzmen, AK, and the Golden Mic King, fresh off his perfect 10 mixtape release with the West Coast's No. 1 tapemaster B-Mello. On a Mission intends to be able to do more of these types of shows with emerging local talent, and he's off to a good start with this bill.

Mon., Dec. 10, 8 p.m., 2007

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