Too Much Stuff

Strange and possibly wonderful surplus

Perhaps you’ve always wanted your very own dentist’s chair? At the UW Surplus Public Auction, you may spot such things as a pallet of gently used computers, an assortment of self-inflating rafts, or 200 red theater seats in near-perfect condition. Some weirder items for sale include an enormous circular gas teriyaki grill—8 feet in diameter—as well as all sorts of medical equipment: centrifuges, blood banks, incubators, and adjustable electronic patient tables. If you’re looking to outfit your home office, they’ve got retro-hip 50’s wooden desks and a small fleet of metal file cabinets. In the market for some sports gear? They’ve got a crowd of snowshoes, and plenty of bikes, too. Also on the block: a 1999 Jeep Cherokee, with only 87,716 miles. Check their site for photos of merchandise—and arrive early. Word is, people line up “as if for concert tickets.”

Sat., Dec. 8, 10 a.m., 2007

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