A Clockwork Reduction

Warhol’s film subjected to a little of the old ultra-violence

A Clockwork Orange, perhaps not at the top of most moviegoers’ list of cinematic fantasies they wish would come to life, will be reborn at the Northwest Film Forum—complete with “super hot” models-cum-actors. But this isn’t Kubrick’s Clockwork, it’s Andy Warhol’s. Kind of. The pop-art painter had an affection for avant-garde film (his own and others’), and this weekend the Seattle School and local filmmakers will compete and collaborate in A Clockwork Reduction: a restaging of Vinyl, Warhol’s erotically charged adaptation of Burgess’s novel, with simultaneous acting, directing, filming, improvised musical scoring, remixing, and screening in two cinemas. Audience members who like to do more than watch are invited to add to the creative mish-mosh, and return on Sunday to view the final masterpieces created Friday and Saturday. Need more enticement? Did we mention the fresh waffles and Cool Whip?

Dec. 14-16, 8 p.m., 2007

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