Paul Rucker/Project 12

A year’s work by a multimedia explorer

The colorful visual-art pieces of musician-plus Paul Rucker take the materials of music notation and abstract them, making elegantly fanciful patterns and shapes out of notes on staves. His music does something similar, drawing new sounds from his instruments, cello and bass, and taking performance itself as a subject for performance art (jokily playing with audience expectations, for example, in of one of Annex Theatre’s “Spin the Bottle” cabarets last year). Tonight’s performance marks the culmination of his “Project 12,” a series of artworks and events conceived during a 2006 fellowship in Bellagio, Italy, and occurring throughout greater Seattle, and will include solo cello—both live and on tape, as in his 40-minute video work Busker, made as part of 4Culture’s “Site-Specific” series—, interactive installations, and a performance by the Paul Rucker Quintet.

Wed., Dec. 12, 8 p.m., 2007

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