Sit on the Couch with . . . Sera Cahoone + Jack Wilson + Molly Rose

Wednesday, December 12

This show is billed as "Sit on the Couch With . . . Sera Cahoone, Jack Wilson, and Molly Rose." But none of us here knows what this business of "sitting on the couch" is all about. Do we get to sit on the couch with these folks? Or do they all sit on the couch while we stand and

watch? We dunno. But all three artists are cool, so it's worth checking out. Sera Cahoone (who does have a song called "Couch Song") channels her indie-rock past through Loretta-and-Merle-informed country songs; Jack Wilson carries the torch Townes Van Zandt left burning; and, in the words of our own Karla Starr, Molly Rose "lulls you into a pleasure coma" with single-string plucks and a cracked-bell voice.

Wed., Dec. 12, 9 p.m., 2007

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