Saturday, December 22

For the month of December, I (and many others in the music biz) get to look at a picture of Duff McKagan on my Naduwar 2007 Punk Rock Calendar. It’s a shot of him from 1981, playing drums for some Seattle band called the Fastbacks. It’s a pretty amazing shot not only because it’s so rare, but because it says so much about the rock n’ roll dream. Who could’ve predicted that a few years after that pic was taken, he’d move to L.A., answer an ad for “bass player wanted”, and go onto join one of the biggest rock bands in the world? Since the break-up of that band (Guns n’ Roses), he’s been involved in a number of projects, most notably Velvet Revolver. But his other band, Loaded, has clubbed around Seattle since about 2001. They play straight-forward hard rock with topics and lyrics that some would label cliché. It’s hard-driving music that guys with fast cars would listen to. But something tells me the Sunset will sell out regardless. After all, Duff was in G n’ R! With Top Heavy Crush, Guns N’ Rosetti and Acid Angels.

Sat., Dec. 22, 9 p.m., 2007

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