No Country for Old Men

My two brushes with cinematic greatness

Two good friends of mine have ended up with bit parts in mainstream Hollywood movies—by coincidence, both violent, moody, stylishly nihilistic films, peripherally about drug trafficking, starring charismatic sociopaths, set in a parched Southwest landscape. Films that otherwise would have been near if not at the bottom of my need-to-see list. Remember the tall guy who played Willem Dafoe’s piano teacher for 30 seconds in Once Upon a Time in Mexico? Ex-boyfriend. And even more surprising, because she’s not an actress, a longtime family friend who lives in New Mexico near where No Country for Old Men was filmed was cast as an extra. You can see Sharon in a yellow dress in the Tommy Lee Jones/Kelly Macdonald diner scene. I think she did a brilliant job—I totally believed she was a waitress. It’s a beautifully-made movie; not exactly cheery, but some people like that at Christmas.

Mon., Dec. 24, 2007

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