The Shackles

Friday, December 21

Through the beauty of Netflix's "Watch it Now" feature, I finally caught up with this season of Heroes. Its, well, meh. But hey, I'm home in this nasty winter weather with my kid all day, and if you have a choice between Judge Alex and Heroes, Milo is looking pretty damn good. Anyway it's got me thinking about ordinary folks with super-human abilities. I've never considered myself one of them, (except when I was pregnant and possessed a super-human sense of smell coupled, unfortunately, with atomic gas) but I know I've spotted a view. Take Shackle/Coconut Coolout/Charming Snake Ruben Mendez. On the outside he presents an unassuming, demurely well-dressed fa├žade. No Joe Shmoe on the street would guess he has the power to, in one yelp, instantaneously rock the party, and a Midas touch that instead of turning things gold, makes them super cool. With One Million Teeth and Man Rockwell.

Listen to a sample of The Shackles' "Friday Morning (pre mix)."

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Fri., Dec. 21, 10:30 p.m., 2007

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