Three Imaginary Girl’s Holiday Party + Imaginary Liz’s Birthday Bash

Thursday, December 20

As a pivotal force behind treasured local music website Three Imaginary Girls, Liz Riley richly deserves a birthday party reflective of her sparkling indie pop taste. Tonight she’s getting just that, thanks in large part to the fact that Visqueen frontwoman/stand-up comedienne Rachel Flotard has recruited Jon Rauhouse, Neko Case’s esteemed pedal steel player, to join her onstage for the evening. “Jon is such a master at what he does, I need to wear a goalie mask on stage to not smack my own teeth out with joy,” says Flotard with her trademark enthusiasm. “The fact that Paul Rigby (Neko's main guitarist dude, and personally, the funniest person I know) is importing himself from Canada for one night to play just rules,” she adds. “These guys are the real deal. I wouldn't miss this show even if someone shot me.” Add to that the fact that the Long Winter’s John Roderick offers up his lap as Santa for the night, and neither would we. With Tullycraft, Jon Rauhuse and Your Favorite Book.

Listen to a sample of Tullycraft's "The Punks are Writing Love Songs."

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Thu., Dec. 20, 9 p.m., 2007

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