Seven Memories of the Croc

Selections from Reverb, our music and nightlife blog.

Strangely enough, it just hit me that the Croc is closed. I've known about it since late yesterday afternoon, but I guess the reality didn't hit me until a few minutes ago. I was flooded with all sorts of memories of the place and the great shows I saw there. 1. Wolf Parade, September 2005. I'm pretty sure it was the day their Apologies to the Queen Mary was released...and barely anyone was there. They sounded great, but it was trumped by the sight of Sub Pop publicist Steve Manning unabashedly dancing his ass off right behind me. 2. Cave Singers, December 2006. This was the night of the big windstorm. Wife and I braved swinging traffic lights and airborne tree branches just to stand with 10 other people and watch this unknown band put on one of the most hypnotizing sets I've ever seen. 3. Unknown Show, Fall 2006. Chatting with Ben Gibbard about music impresario Bill Graham. 4. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, 2004 (I think). Watching the indie-rock sensations, thinking "Jesus, they sound like shit," and then having my then-editor Jennifer Maerz lean over and say the same thing and leave. 5. Oakley Hall/Whalebones, September 2007. Dirt, rivers, mountains, farms, highways, trains. 6. Band of Horses, December 2005. Deciding that night they were the best band this region had seen since Modest Mouse. 7. The Minus 5, Winter 2003 (I think). I was still relatively new to Seattle and couldn't believe I was in the same room as Peter Buck. I got over that soon enough. Jesus, there's a shit-ton more I can't remember right now. I think I'm gonna miss the place.

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