Walking in an Indie Wonderland

Welcome to the Doug Fir Lounge, Portland's compound for hipsters.

If indie rock had its own Greek Row, the Doug Fir Lounge would have the highest numbers on the block. Just three hours south on I-5, the Portland hot spot caters to any whim a hipster or touring musician might have without them ever having to venture off campus from the all-white, oh-so-high-hip-factor wonderland. The all-in-one compound includes: a live-music venue (with sight lines and sound that rival those of every club in the 206), a bar (complete with outdoor fire pit), a restaurant (serving breakfast, lunch, dinner—buffalo burgers!!—and late-night nosh options), a hotel (the Jupiter, complete with whole-wall-covering nature murals à la the Ace and fuzzy-pillow-topped beds), a tattoo parlor, AND a mothereffing hair salon. At first, it hits like a sugar rush. All you could ask for is within stumbling distance! For bands on tour, it must feel like an oasis of sorts—no need to hit up another ubiquitous Taco Bell or Starbucks on the way out of town; no need to wait to get some drunken impulse ink. They even provide bedside prophylactics. But after a good 24 hours, the rush starts to subside. You yearn to hear anything but Grizzly Bear, TV on the Radio, Feist, Wolf Parade, or Modest Mouse. The sight of someone wearing socks, Tevas, and a polar fleece is downright refreshing. After all, like a day at the fair filled with corn dogs, cotton candy, corn dogs, cotton candy, and the Gravitron, well, you get it. 

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