NYE! The Lashes + the Trucks + Feral Children

Monday, December 31

Tonight the Lashes have more than just the New Year to celebrate. This NYE bash marks the eve of the band’s second release since Get It—but not the whole enchilada just yet. Thank You Side A is exactly that, the first half (not an EP, thank you very much) of a batch of six new songs recorded by producer John Goodmanson last winter. “We’re more proud of this than anything we’ve ever done,” says frontman Ben Clark of the effort which will be self-released and available exclusively on tours and at Sonic Boom. Those who caught the band’s Bumbershoot set got a preview of each track including the poppy, Lashes-appropriate “Look at Us”—something the band certainly invites with antics like prank phone calls from the stage to TV news desks and silly string explosions. With the cheeky all-girl Trucks, Feral Children’s visceral rock and instrument bashing, and Jan Norberg’s writhing and wailing, Clark’s right when he says of the night, “It will be a crazy rockin’ good time.” AJA PECKNOLD

Listen to a sample of The Lashes' "The Moat."

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Mon., Dec. 31, 8 p.m., 2007

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