Smile Brigade

Thursday, December 27

What can make you feel better on a dark day than some showtunes? “Singin’ in the Rain?” Christ, I’m trying! Smile Brigade purports to make psychedelic showtunes, though I’d say their style is more a weirdly satisfying mash of power-pop and folk. They’re one of those local bands that seems to lay relatively low, working harder on their craft than their popularity, though that will surely increase as more folks pick up their new album Take the Precious Edge off this Treacherous Ledge. Tonight’s show celebrates its release on vinyl (hopefully) and singer Jeremy Charbonneau’s birthday (definitely), with a batch of ultra-talented, ultra-nice friends. No frowning allowed. With See Me River & the Dead Horse Creek, the Globes and Ali Marcus. RACHEL SHIMP

Thu., Dec. 27, 9 p.m., 2007

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