Nirvana's Krist Novoselic Remembers the Croc

Hear an MP3 of the bassist playing the Belltown club with the Melvins' Buzz Osborne and Nirvana's Dave Grohl in 1992.

The Crocodile Cafe came into being at the same time Nirvana hit it big.I can remember going down to Belltown to this new club. It seemed cool and, of course, had great drinks.I got to know the proprietor, Stephanie Dorgan. Stephanie was an attorney, drove a Jaguar sedan, and had a relationship with Pete Buck.Going to the Croc was like hanging out at the neighborhood watering hole. I've had countless conversations either by the bar, in the booths in the back, along the narrow hall by the side door, by the kitchen counter, or in the dining room. I'd hang with friends or make friends.One time, I noticed a couple of folks eavesdropping on a conversation. I went to the bar for another pitcher of beer. I paid for the brew and walked back to see the folks still at the same place. I told my friends, "Man, that bartender's an asshole!" My friend said, "What's up, Krist?" "Well," I said, "He poured the beer and told me it would be $4. I told him, what do you mean $4? He said it's $4 for a pitcher of beer! I said, don't you know who I am? I'm Krist Novoselic, and I'm the bass player in Nirvana!!" Gasping at my sheer audacity, the two eavesdroppers' eyes lit up. Of course, my story was pure B.S. It was a harmless put-on for the nosy folks. We split toward the show.And there were so many shows. The main room was for the music. I played on that little stage in many configurations.I've uploaded a performance (digitized off a lo-fi 45 rpm bootleg with photo included!). It's Buzz Osborne, Dave Grohl, and myself. How wild that we played Flipper covers! We did some mean Alice Cooper, too!Nirvana did a great show at the Croc. We played mostly new material. There's a box of about three or four camcorder cassettes of the performance somewhere. (Our road manager worked his way through the crowd and seized the tapes.)I remember Yoko Ono and IMA. Yoko was so moving. I took a peak around the room and caught Ann Wilson with her eyes welled with tears.Again, so many bands! I haven't been to the Crocodile for a long time, but I'm grateful to Stephanie, who always took care of me.Thank you, Crocodile, for all the good times! 

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