Mirah and Spectratone International Present “Share This Space”

Wednesday, January 9

Count the number of charming things in this sentence: singer-songwriter Mirah, cellist Lori Goldston and accordionist Kyle Hanson (who comprise Spectratone), insects made from corks and deflated balloons, and a song cycle based partially on the writings of Jean Henri Fabre (France’s 19th-century Diane Ackerman). “Delicately I eat by plunging my proboscis deep into this tree,” sings Mirah as Britta Johnson’s animations of the aforementioned insects play on screens in the background. The video-and-song collaboration, “Share This Place,” premiered at the Seattle International Children’s Film Festival last year. Tonight, you can watch the “tender, sordid, tragic, and triumphant lives of insects” unfold in an adult venue. Even if it doesn’t charm the pants off your date, you’re bound to learn something about the birds and bees. RACHEL SHIMP

Wed., Jan. 9, 8 p.m., 2008

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