Auburn Paranormal Research Team

Auburn-based ghostbusters share their finds

Seattle’s most haunted places, according to various ghost-hunter websites? The Harvard Exit, Pike Place Market, Nathan Hale High School, the Sorrento Hotel, and an unidentified “Screaming Well” (ok, Ring fans…) are a few of the most-discussed. But what happens when spirits show up at—and inside—your own front door? Well, you might call the Auburn Paranormal Research Team (A.P.R.T.), a band of enthusiasts committed to the scientific investigation of your creepiest hunches. Being more than mere chroniclers, the group prides itself on “helping, comforting, and educating those who do not understand, or may be frightened by, the events happening around them.” But they will document what they find, for free. Their current online evidence, save for the hazy face of “Billy” on a coffeepot at Billy’s Bar in Aberdeen, consists of snapshots of those blasted orbs. Are they just dust or what? Weigh in on that controversial spirit-world topic at tonight’s A.P.R.T. presentation, “Best Cases and Case Evidence.” Unless you’re sure you don’t need any more. Seattle Museum of the Mysteries, 623 Broadway E., 328-6499. $5. 7 p.m.

Sat., Jan. 19, 7 p.m., 2008

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