Body Language: Dirty Scientifics + Odd Fellas + Ear Drums

Wednesday, January 16

If Fremont is rockin’, best come knockin’. . . . The High Dive might seem as unusual a venue for a hip-hop dance party as Nectar once did for techno shows, but that neighborhood has a lock on the action in both arenas this week (with Plaid and Truckasaurus at Nectar on the 18th). The Lo_Fi’s hip-hop weekly, Stop Biting, has been on hiatus, and tonight many of its most dynamic movers and shakers are popping up at the High Dive with the new monthly Body Language. Hosted by Phil in the Blank, Sage Nomad, and Orb, there are performances by Dirty Scientifics (with Orb MC’ing), Odd Fellas, and Ear Drums; the wild styles of former Stop Biting DJs Kamui and Hideki; and a cipher session. It’ll be fun to see how they work the room—if anyone can make the place fresh and funky, it’s them. RACHEL SHIMP

Wed., Jan. 16, 8 p.m., 2008

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