Friday, January 18

There’s really only one thing to be said about San Francisco’s Citay, the collaboration between Piano Magic’s Ezra Feinberg and Fucking Champs guitarist Tim Green, whose membership now hovers around eight: These folks know how to lead a campfire jam session. Feinberg leads the pack with the occasional sing-along, stretching himself over a blanket of flutes, dueling electric and acoustic guitars, mandolins, synths, and drums; and after listening for a few minutes, the pastoral harmonies and quasi-hippie-dippie vibe of Citay’s smoke-friendly campfire slowly builds into a pyre of tense, electric power. Dude, pass the bong! With the Beltholes and guests. TRAVIS RITTER

Listen to a sample of Citay's "Little Kingdom."

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Fri., Jan. 18, 10 p.m., 2008

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