Ea Sola

Vietnamese dancers find links between heritage and contemporary life

Choreographer Ea Sola left Vietnam with her family in 1974, but her memories of the country traveled with her. Those memories brought her back to Vietnam eventually, after starting her dance education in France, and have been a powerful element in her work ever since. In the first volume of Drought and Rain, Sola worked with a group of elderly women, incorporating their direct memories of life during wartime; for the second volume, which she is touring now, she has choreographed for a group of young dancers from the National Ballet of Vietnam. Born long after the end of what they still call the “American War,” their memories of it are inherited rather than experienced, but are still evocative and profoundly influential. Meany Theater, UW campus, 543-4880, www.meany.org. $20-$40. 8 p.m. tonight through Sat., Jan. 19. SANDRA KURTZ

Jan. 17-19, 8 p.m., 2008

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