The Hands

Friday, January 18

In case you’ve been skipping out on the driving, fist-pumping force that is Seattle’s the Hands over the last year, now’s your chance to get primed before their first full-length finally drops next month (Feb. 19 on Selector Sound). Though they’ll be celebrating with an actual release show on Feb. 29, the Hands are one of those bands that can’t be seen too much—like Sam Jayne, the Thermals, or the Can’t See, they bring an unthwarted dose of high-energy entertainment every time they perform. Live, tracks from their debut EP, So Sweet, like “Praying Hands Will Make Fists” can spur entire crowds into screaming the chorus. Tales of darkened graveyards come pulsing to life with frontman John Healy’s vicious yowl on “Lies Lies Lies.” And while the release show should not be missed, for optimum enjoyment, this prereq comes highly recommended. With the Fucking Eagles, the Knast, and Branden Daniels & Everyone Gets Laid. AJA PECKNOLD

Listen to a sample of The Fucking Eagles' "Out of This World."

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Fri., Jan. 18, 9 p.m., 2008

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