Bainbridge Should Pay Bremerton to Not Build a Bridge


The idea that the chasm has widened between Bremerton and Bainbridge since the newbie rich arrived here is ludicrous ["The Great Divide," Jan. 2]. They were "Bremelos" back in the '60s just as they are today. And what is the problem with rich folk wanting to live in a beautiful, safe place with like-minded people? The driveways of Wing Point are filled with Mercedeses, Ferraris, and Porsches, but also the pickups and vans of the Kitsap workers who make a bundle overcharging us for lawn services and building additions onto our trophy homes. Don't be angry, Bremerton. Just come on over and work for us and get the hell off the island by twilight.—Guillermo

I live on Bainbridge, own a pickup truck, ride a two-stroke, air-polluting dirt bike, have a master's degree, and commute to my Seattle job by ferry. I tell you now that I would be ELATED to have a bridge connecting over to Bremerton (Illahee). That way I could actually buy something other than the overpriced, elitist, all-organic merchandise sold in Winslow.


As a British citizen from a working-class world, I was amazed to see the class divide that exists between what seems to be the Bremerton Lads and the Bainbridge Toffs. Honestly, it's like being back home.

When I first came to Bremerton six years ago, it was pretty ghetto-seeming. When a McDonald's goes bust on the waterfront you know it's bad. The ferry area was awash with kids smashing things up and closed shops and dive bars. However, it's changed a lot since then, and I constantly marvel at the amazing progress and development the city has managed to pull off in such a brief time period. It's delightful down on the waterfront now. Bainbridge needs to change its elitist attitude and back off.


DEAR EDITOR: I am one of those poor (but couth and not so trashy) denizens of Bremerton who, along with Bainbridge economic elites, were stereotyped by Chris Kornelis. I have a suggestion to level the monetary playing field and right socioeconomic wrongs. I propose that we start building a bridge towards the island from my elegant East Bremerton neighborhood of Manette. Bainbridge can then pay us not to finish the bridge at an exponentially increasing rate of extortion: $5 million in 2008, $25 million in 2009, etc. Intermittently we will parade old, gas-hog cars with heavy smoke fumes through their island paradise to motivate payment. Occasionally, we will launch a rolling wreck down the unfinished bridge chute to land on and shore up their beaches, which lawyers tell us are eroding. They can pay, pay, and pay until our economies are balanced.

Actually, some Bremertonians already feel culturally superior. Bremerton has its own condos, a fine collective art gallery, a dedicated jazz venue, even an Urban Zen Salon, and a certain idiomatic and linguistic deftness in turning a phrase. My sister-in-law coined our Bremerton Chamber of Refilling Commercial Buildings slogan: "Bremerton? It's not so fucking bad!"Phil DavisBremerton

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