Steve Poltz

Tuesday, January 29

Prior to catching his solo acoustic set at the Triple Door last June, I pretty much thought of fortysomething San Diego singer-songwriter (and former Rugburns frontman) Steve Poltz as simply “that guy who wrote that song for Jewel” (“You Were Meant for Me”). And then I proceeded to be blown away by the depth and excellence of his tunes; his sharp, witty lyrics; his voice—which alternately reminded me of Jeff Tweedy and David Lowery; and his hysterical storytelling and rants (topics included The Office, gay uncles, getting kicked out of a church recital, and American Idol). Poltz is back in town behind two new full-length albums, Traveling and Unraveling, and he may even play “YWMFM,” w hich he introduced last year as “the song that sent my parents on an Alaskan cruise.” With Truckee Brothers. MICHAEL ALAN GOLDBERG

Listen to a sample of Steve Poltz's "Rains."

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Tue., Jan. 29, 8:30 p.m., 2008

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