The Bravery

Friday, January 25

Playing smooth post-punk with electronica influences, the Bravery are best known for a few things: a highly publicized feud with the Killers; the single “An Honest Mistake,” the video of which evokes the Smiths on Prozac and caffeine; and a sound not totally unlike Bloc Party’s. Their second album, 2007’s The Sun and the Moon, is less glitchy and synthy and more guitar-driven, but not “we are loud” Arctic Monkeys–style guitars—it’s a step away from mere Cure fan status and into actual songwriting territory. While it hasn’t propelled them into Interpol status, they’re still firmly in head-nodding mode with the promise of growth and—if you’re tipsy and they’re playing “Time Won’t Let Me Go” just right, as they’re said to—a mighty blissful moment. With Switches. KARLA STARR

Listen to a sample of The Bravery's "Believe."

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Fri., Jan. 25, 8 p.m., 2008

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