The Can’t See + See Me River and the Dead Horse Creek

Thursday, January 24

The only regrettable thing about this show is that it doesn’t fall on a Tuesday. There’s not much better in this life than the Wildrose’s Taco Tuesdays—juicy dollar tacos (beef or spicy black bean) and $2 Sols cast a warm, sunny glow that somehow makes getting through the winter a bit more bearable. But even without the cheap, meaty tacos, Thursday’s show offers reason enough to head to the Rose. The always on point Can’t See (whose performance of “Barfight” is a highlight in Seattle’s own Burn to Shine DVD) will likely see frontman John Atkins sweat-soaked by set’s end, and See Me River and the Dead Horse Creek are rocking new addition, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Tosten Larson—by way of Montana—who’s harmonies and keyboard pounding bring a raucous, Wolf Parade-meets-Menomena quality to Kerry Zettel’s ambitious project. AJA PECKNOLD

Listen to a sample of The Can't See's "Sad Version."

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Thu., Jan. 24, 2008

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